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The Types of Funeral Services Directors Should Prepare For

August 19th, 2019 Johnstown Hearse Rental
Funeral Services

Funeral ServicesAs a funeral director, it’s your job to provide families with the types of funeral services that they want for their loved ones. There are several types of services that you should be prepared to arrange for families in the process of planning them. Here are the 4 main types of funeral services and some basic information on what goes into each of them.

Traditional funeral

A traditional funeral, which is also commonly called a full-service funeral, includes a viewing, a funeral, and then a burial at a cemetery. It’s designed to allow families to pay the proper respect to a loved one in a variety of ways. From viewing a person’s body to seeing their casket placed into the ground at their gravesite, it’s the most complete type of funeral there is.

Direct burial

While a traditional funeral is often the best option for families, there are some families that can’t wait long to bury their loved one for one reason or another. In these instances, a direct burial is usually the best option. Direct burials don’t include viewings or funerals. A person’s body is placed into the ground as quickly as possible without any pomp and circumstance.

Direct cremation

Much like a direct burial, a direct cremation is a type of funeral service that takes place quickly. There is no viewing or funeral for a person when direct cremation is done. Rather, a person’s body is cremated shortly after they die. This is the most cost-effective type of funeral service around.

Graveside service

Graveside funeral services are the types of funeral services that you usually see in movies. People gather at a person’s gravesite for a ceremony before their body is put into the ground. During the ceremony, an officiant will often lead people in prayer and song to celebrate the life of the deceased.

No matter which type of funeral service a family picks, your job as a funeral director is to be ready to help them. Johnstown Hearse Rental & Funeral Supplies can make this possible by providing you with the funeral products you’ll need to accommodate any type of funeral service. Call us at 800-452-2249 today to get your hands on supplies that you can use to satisfy all your customers’ funeral needs.

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