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The Benefits of Being a Funeral Director

April 13th, 2015 Johnstown Hearse Rental
Funeral Directors


In a shaky economy, one job with great stability is that of funeral director. Since death is inevitable, there’s always a need for those still living to direct funerals. Did you ever consider this unique but rewarding line of work?


Funerals are momentous occasions, where the living both mourn the dead and celebrate their life lived. A funeral director essentially presides over the funeral process from start-to-finish. This process typically includes meeting with the family of the deceased person to pick out a burial casket (or to discuss cremation options), followed by figuring out if and when and where there will be a religious church service or some form of memorial gathering. Later on, a funeral director plays a very active role in the proceedings, greeting guests at the funeral, helping seat them, and offering comforting words to the bereaved friends and family in attendance.


Funeral time can be very difficult for people, so a funeral director is often looked to as a “solid rock shoulder” to lean on during the experience. Those who care about people and want to help them have said they find the job of funeral director to be more than just a regular job– it’s often “a calling with a higher purpose.”


Being a funeral director is definitely a respectable, dignified position in a community. Once you’re in the business, you typically can stay in it for your entire life if you so choose. If you decide to own your own funeral home, you can make a very good living. Even if you don’t own the place, though, you can still expect to make between $40,000 and $60,000 annually.


In terms of job growth, the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that demand for funeral director jobs will grow 18 percent from 2010 to 2020.


If you are a funeral director, or thinking about becoming one, know that Johnstown Hearse Rental & Funeral Supplies of Western Pennsylvania is in the business of making funeral directors’ lives easier by offering one convenient source for all of their funerary supplies. Call 800-452-2249 with any questions or needs you might have.



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