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Reasons Why People Choose Cremation

December 17th, 2014 Johnstown Hearse Rental

Cremation Let’s be honest. Nobody wants to think about what’s done with them after they die. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most monumental decisions individuals or their families make. People are concerned with the burden that will be placed on those they leave behind, and many times will elect to do whatever lightens that burden.

Here are a few reasons why some find cremation to be their best option:

The Financial Burden

Many people would like to see as much of their money left to their families or a noble cause as possible. A great deal of work goes into transportation, funeral presentation, and burial, and the costs can add up quickly. Cremation services can be a cheaper alternative for people looking to avoid those costs. Cremation is just as honorable and dignified as burial, so the money that’s redirected to a good cause is just an added bonus.

The Everyday Burden

No one can be 100% prepared for a death in the family. Because every death is untimely, a little bit of flexibility for the grieving can be incredibly valuable. A funeral can be held right away, with the cremation immediately following, or families can choose to cremate right away and wait for a better time to hold the funeral. Similarly, ashes can be kept close by, and even taken with you if your family chooses to relocate.

The Emotional Burden

Many people simply hate the idea of being buried after death. In this case, a cremation can comfort families, knowing the deceased is resting in peace, as they wished. While some choose to opt for the traditional urn on the mantelpiece, others are choosing to honor the dead by scattering ashes in a special way at a special place.

If you’ve chosen cremation as an option for someone you love, consider cremation urns, along with other funeral supplies, at Johnstown Hearse Rental & Funeral Supplies.


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