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Current Changes in the Funeral Industry

July 29th, 2019 Johnstown Hearse Rental
Funeral Industry Trends

Funeral Industry Trends Over the course of the last 20 years, more and more Americans have chosen cremations over traditional burials. In fact, the cremation rate currently sits at just above 50 percent—and it could climb even higher than that in the coming years. There are many other changes that have rocked the funeral industry, too. Here are a few of the most notable ones.

A rising demand for eco-friendly funeral alternatives

There are many people who are trying to “go green” in various aspects of their lives; there are also some who are choosing to continue “going green” in death. These people are making a push to use options like natural burials to limit the impact that their death has on the planet. You can expect to see funeral homes start to cater to this crowd more by offering up additional eco-friendly funeral alternatives.

An increase in celebration of life ceremonies

When you picture a funeral in your head, you probably picture a bunch of people standing around at a funeral home crying. Funerals are thought to be somber affairs. But many families are beginning to go against the grain and hold celebration of life ceremonies in place of traditional funerals. These ceremonies are designed to be celebratory affairs as opposed to sad and somber ones. It’s changing the way that some people view a person’s life and their death.

A stronger emphasis on personalization

For years, most funerals looked and felt the same. However, these days, many families are personalizing funeral services for their loved ones. They’re putting a personal touch on everything from caskets and urns to the music and readings that are included in funeral services. They’re doing it in an effort to make their loved one’s funeral services unique from everyone else’s services.

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