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On Overview of Funeral Procession Driving

Funeral Procession Driving

Funeral processions these days typically involve lots of vehicles, since that is the main way people get around rural, suburban and urban areas. When you attend a funeral, you’re most likely going to encounter a staff member from the funeral home who is directing you where and how to park your vehicle. He or she […]

The Evolution of Funeral Prayer Cards

Prayer Cards

When people attend funeral services at funeral homes, they often leave with a prayer card tucked in their pocket. Most families provide prayer cards to those who show up for a loved one’s funeral services so that they can continue to pray for the deceased moving forward. Prayer cards also help people remember the date […]

How Funeral Directors Can Best Serve Their Clients

Funeral Directors

Funeral directors play an essential role in the funeral-planning process. When a family contacts a funeral home and asks them to help make arrangements for their loved one, a funeral director will be in charge of scheduling everything. It can be a demanding job, but it can also be very rewarding when you spend your […]

How Funeral Homes Can Rise Above Their Competition

Funeral Homes

There are more than 20,000 funeral homes scattered across the country. As a result, you might have some trouble making your funeral home stand out in the crowd. There are some steps you can take to rise above your competition. Check out how to set your funeral home apart below. Market your funeral home properly. […]

Here’s Why Cremation Continues to Rise in Popularity

Cremation Trends

More Americans than ever before are choosing to be cremated these days. The cremation rate has crept up over 50 percent in recent years, and it isn’t showing any signs of stopping. So why is cremation turning into such an attractive option for so many people? Check out a few reasons for it below. Cremations […]

Why Funeral Directors Need an Extensive Inventory of Funeral Supplies

Trends for Funeral Directors

Funeral directors provide an invaluable service to their clients during a real time of need. Undoubtedly, losing a loved one is one of, if not the most difficult ordeal that humans must endure, and funeral directors help relatives and friends find closure. After losing a loved one, family members, friends and colleagues naturally want to […]

Reasons Why People Choose Cremation


Let’s be honest. Nobody wants to think about what’s done with them after they die. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most monumental decisions individuals or their families make. People are concerned with the burden that will be placed on those they leave behind, and many times will elect to do whatever lightens that burden. Here […]