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Things to Consider When Running a Funeral Home

Trends for Funeral Directors

There are about 20,000 funeral homes in the U.S. right now. That means that you’re going to need to do certain things to make your funeral home stand out if you own one or are in charge of operating one. Making sure your funeral home is situated in the right location is a great start. […]

The Types of Funeral Services Directors Should Prepare For

Funeral Services

As a funeral director, it’s your job to provide families with the types of funeral services that they want for their loved ones. There are several types of services that you should be prepared to arrange for families in the process of planning them. Here are the 4 main types of funeral services and some […]

Current Changes in the Funeral Industry

Funeral Industry Trends

Over the course of the last 20 years, more and more Americans have chosen cremations over traditional burials. In fact, the cremation rate currently sits at just above 50 percent—and it could climb even higher than that in the coming years. There are many other changes that have rocked the funeral industry, too. Here are […]

On Overview of Funeral Procession Driving

Funeral Procession Driving

Funeral processions these days typically involve lots of vehicles, since that is the main way people get around rural, suburban and urban areas. When you attend a funeral, you’re most likely going to encounter a staff member from the funeral home who is directing you where and how to park your vehicle. He or she […]

Trends Funeral Directors Should Be Aware Of

Trends for Funeral Directors

If you work as a funeral director at a funeral home, it’s extremely important for you to stay on top of the latest trends affecting the funeral industry. It’ll allow you to do your job more effectively when families come to you for assistance with planning funerals. Check out several of the trends that are […]

How Funeral Directors Can Best Serve Their Clients

Funeral Directors

Funeral directors play an essential role in the funeral-planning process. When a family contacts a funeral home and asks them to help make arrangements for their loved one, a funeral director will be in charge of scheduling everything. It can be a demanding job, but it can also be very rewarding when you spend your […]

How Funeral Homes Can Rise Above Their Competition

Funeral Homes

There are more than 20,000 funeral homes scattered across the country. As a result, you might have some trouble making your funeral home stand out in the crowd. There are some steps you can take to rise above your competition. Check out how to set your funeral home apart below. Market your funeral home properly. […]

Should Funeral Directors Consider Having Therapy Dogs Around?

Therapy Dogs at Funeral Homes

When you go to plan a funeral at a funeral home, a funeral director will usually do whatever is necessary to help you get a hold on your emotions. Most funeral directors are able to provide clients with grief counseling and allow people to begin the mourning process during the planning stages of a funeral. […]

Qualities Shared By the Best Funeral Directors

Funeral Directors

Picking the right funeral home is the most important part of planning a funeral. The right funeral home should be able to provide you with a funeral director who is more than capable of handling every aspect of the planning process. Here are a few qualities that the ideal funeral director should possess. Excellent communicator […]

78th Annual National Convention For the National Funeral Directors & Morticians Association, Inc.

  Are you looking for new and innovative ways to spruce up your funeral home, add or take away different pieces to your building, or choose from different hearse drivers? Look no further, the National Convention and Exposition funded by the National Funeral Directors & Morticians Associated, Inc. has got you covered! Attending this renowned […]