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78th Annual National Convention For the National Funeral Directors & Morticians Association, Inc.

May 29th, 2015 Johnstown Hearse Rental

 National Convention and Exposition – National Funeral Directors & Morticians Association, Inc.


Are you looking for new and innovative ways to spruce up your funeral home, add or take away different pieces to your building, or choose from different hearse drivers? Look no further, the National Convention and Exposition funded by the National Funeral Directors & Morticians Associated, Inc. has got you covered! Attending this renowned event will allow you to meet and connect with others in the funeral services business. You can share different perspectives, experiences, and even trade items to benefit your own business.


National Convention and Exposition:

  • Welcoming Reception
  • Offers a marketplace where you can buy and/or sell items to make your funeral more beneficial for your services
  • Sip and Shop – “The Ultimate Girls Day Out”
  • National inter-faith service of remembrance
  • The Las Vegas Cabaret: an all-white affair (tickets available)
  • Allows you to connect and educate others and share your experiences with other funeral home directors
  • National family worship
  • Motorcade of hearses, limousines, and motorcycles – Stop the violence rally and press conference
  • Legendary Marquee Business Award Banquet
  • Mortuary Education Day
  • Many educational presentations


Johnstown Hearse Rental and Funeral Supplies Company sells exclusively to funeral homes and licensed funeral home directors. This company offers all of the essentials that you would need to hold successful memorials and funerals. Some of these items include: acknowledgement and prayer cards, cremation items, crosses and crucifixes, prep room supplies, register books, and service records. Johnstown Hearse Rental and Funeral Supplies knows and understands that the main purpose and focus of their business should be to make sure the families utilizing their services are at as much ease and comfort as possible. A reliable funeral supplier can ensure that this goal is achieved.



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